• Main gas pipeline Zlobin – Omišalj DN800/100
  • Connecting pipeline – Recieving station FSRU – GN Omišalj DN1000/100
  • Main gas pipeline Donji Miholjac -Belišće DN400/50
  • Construction of gas pipeline R38 Kalce – Godovič (Slovenia) DN150/75
  • Construction of transmission gas pipeline M5/R51 Vodice – TE TOL (Slovenia) – DN400/75
  • Construction of the dispatch gas pipeline from Međimurje node to CPS Molve – DN300/75
  • Main gas pipeline Slobodnica – Donji Miholjac – DN800/75
  • Main gas pipeline Kutina – Dobrovac DN200/50
  • Gasification of the Central Bosinan Canton Zenica – Travnik – DN400/50
  • Construction of gas pipeline M2/1 RP Podlog – RP Trojane (Slovenia) – DN800/75
  • Gazelle project – stations LOT2 and LOT3 on the HP gas pipeline 56“ (Czech Republic)


  • Construction of compressor station KS-1 Velika Ludina
  • Reconstruction and installation of container metering and reducing stations MRS Čađavica, MRS Hampovica, MRS Gola, MRS Sirač
  • Performing works on the reconstruction of Metering and Reducing station Slavonski Brod
  • Reconstruction of Metering and Reducing station Osijek III – 26.000 Sm3/h 50 bar
  • Reconstruction of Metering and Reducing station Kutina 1 capacity Q=100.000 Sm3/h 75 bar
  • Construction of the Grubišno Polje underground gas storage facility


  • Repair of the collector oil pipeline DN200 MS-2 Beničanci – OS Beničanci inserting composite pipes
  • Reconstruction of the DN500 oil pipeline Jamarice – Stružec, construction of Metering and Cleaning station Pakra, MCS Gračenica and Block station Ilova
  • Terminal Sisak – replacement of FCV valves and direct connection of sections Sisak – Omišalj and Omišalj – Urinj at Terminal Omišalj
  • Repair of main oil pipeline DN300 OS Beničanci – US Ruščica with composite clamps
  • Terminal Omišalj – cold cutting of oil pipeline 42“ and hot-tapping of connections 10“ and 2“
  • Intervening repair of the product pipeline Slobodnica – Bosanski Brod DN400.


  • Construction of the main hot water pipeline – Eastern hot water pipeline – Slavonska av. To Maksimirska – section 2 phase phase 1
  • Works on the replacement of dilapidated heating pipes of Slavonija I an II – Slavonski Brod
  • Reconstruction of the hot water pipeline – Special hospital for medical rehabilitation – Varaždinske Toplice
  • Construction of steam distribution from the mesuring line to the boiler room within the industrial area – INA MAZIVA Zagreb
  • Replacement of the hot water network in the city of Samobor
  • Revitalization of the hot water network with pre-insulated pipes III. package – Osijek.
  • Revitalization of the CTS hot water network of the City of Zagreb
  • Replacement of the connecting hot water pipe from TE-TO to the Osijek heating plant


  • Relocation of the main water supply pipeline in the part of the Ivanjorečka in Ivanja Reka
  • Main pipeline for water supply o tanks of group 331-SA and 336-SE in Oil Refinery in Rijeka DN700/DN500
  • Submarine water carrier Brač-Hvar
  • Construction of the main water supply pipeline in Radnička – II. stage
  • Relocation of the main pipeline DN700 at the Mladost bridge
  • Construction of a brackish water desalination plant at Veliko Čelo near Povljana
  • Rehabilitation of hydrant network in the Tuhobić tunnel
  • Eastern Slavonia regional water supply I. stage – west: construction of the main line – section V from CS Bicko to Slavonski Brod


  • Reconstruction of the LP gas pipeline at the location Dubec – III. stage
  • MP pipeline – phase 3A, Samoborska – Galgovo
  • MP gas network – phase 10, Samoborska – Rakov Potok
  • Construction of MP gas pipeline at the location Kozari Bok, Kozari putevi – I. stage
  • Construction of natural gas network of a part of the citiy of Poreč from Facinka zone to the Buići industrial zone.


  • Reconstruction of the Paper-mill machine nr.2 – Paper factory DS Smith Belišće
  • Installation of air dryer L-52102 – Petrokemija Kutina
  • Installation of pipelines at the „Velika 1“ geothermal power plant at Velika Ciglena location
  • Construction of the building of the process condensate stripping system at the Amonia plant – Petrokemija Kutina
  • Mechanical works as part of the SMJ-2050 Project 1st phase at the SM2 facility at Pliva Savski Marof location
  • Engeeniring procurement of materials and equipment and execution of works and commissioning of car filling stations and VRU units at the locations of Solin, Osijek and Sisak – INA d.d.
  • Mechanical works on the modification of the 48“ pipeline in Krško Nuclear Power Plant (Slovenia)
  • Mechanical works on pipelines for connecting equipment as part of the SMJ-1900 project Pliva Savski Marof
  • Turnarround works Rijeka Oil Refinery on production sites – Topping III, Platforming II, Isomerisation, HCU, SRU, HDS
  • Turnarround works Sisak Oil Refinery
  • Terminal for storage and transshipment of liquid cargo in the port of Ploče 1 st phase – ATT Port of Ploče
  • Reconstruction of the compression system on the Ivana – K. platform
  • Engineering, procurement and construction on the IKA – A platform for post SIMOPS works
  • Pre-SIMOPS modifications on the IKA -A platform
  • Construction of a facility for the production of technical gases “Air Separation Plant”
  • Construction of a facility for the production of technical gases “Air Separation Plant”


  • Pressure separators PV-5911-02 and PV-5921-02
  • Technological sewage tanks RTK 2/2 for MS-8 Žutica
  • Reactor 325-V-001 Rijeka Oil Refinery
  • Production and delivery of column T-5301 in the Sisak Oil Refinery
  • Production of coupler IG-812 at Savski Marof location
  • Gas separator in long and short version – ROSETTI (off-shore)
  • Drainage tank – ROSETTI (off-shore)
  • Repair of the dehydration column K310VE101 on the IVANA-K platform
  • Production, delivery and installation of 200 m3 tank – FAME bullet – ATT Port of Ploče
  • Production of scrubbers T-26003, T-26004 and T-26005 – Petrokemija Kutina
  • Manufacturing and installation of new tube bundle of air preheater E-28008 – sulfuric acid production plant – Petrokemija Kutina
  • Production of filters for natural gas DN400 – ANSI 600, DN150 – ANSI 600
  • Production of package skid units – compressor and valve skid for the Grubišno Polje underground gas storage project
  • Construction of the steel structure of the compressor room hall and the canopy of the Metering line for the Grubišno Polje underground gas storage project
  • Heat exchanger E-105 Molve
  • Production and pre-assembly of skid package units for Flare Gas Recovery System – Rijek Oil Refinery.

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