MSM slike za web2
  • Main gas, oil and water pipelines

  • Connecting pipelines at gas fields

  • Gas pipeline city networks

  • Main and connecting oil pipelines

  • Hot water and steam pipelines

  • Road and river crossings

MSM slike za web3
  • Industrial oil and gas plants

  • Crude oil pumping stations

  • Maintenance and overhaul in refineries

  • Compressor stations

  • Measuring, reduction and regulation stations

MSM slike za web4
  • Prefabrication of pipe elements

  • Production of pipe isometrics by welding

  • Production of simple and complex load

MSM slike za web5
  • Engineering and documentation

  • Pressure vessels for oil and gas industry

  • Filters and filter separators

  • Pressure vessels

  • Filters and filter separators

  • Heat exchangers

  • Technological sewage reservoirs

  • Gas separators

  • Rezervoari za UNP

  • Dehidracijeske kolone

  • Other

MSM slike za web6
  • Welding in naval arhitecture

  • Welding in marine engineering industry

  • Pressure vessels for offshore installations

  • Supervised by CRS