Gas Recycling Unit in Rijeka



The flare system is an essential and necessary part of the refinery plant. Batteries provide equipment for the safe burning of gaseous media in such a way that neighboring equipment and work personnel are not exposed to radiation or poisoning hazards while at the same time satisfying environmental requirements.

The Rafijerija in Rijeka currently has two torch systems, the 320-B-001 Large Torch System and the 320-B-002 Small Torch System. For environmental reasons (reduction of greenhouse gas emissions predominantly carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants) and economic reasons (gas reclamation of gas streams in the refinery gas system and reduction of NT fuel consumption), investor – INA Oil Industry d.d. Decided to reconstruct the torch system at the Rijeka Oil Refinery facilities and to build the “Gas Reclamation Unit for Flames”

Gas recuperation, so-called. Flare gas recovery system (FGRS) will significantly reduce the continuous combustion of hydrocarbons on both flasks, and the recovered gas will go into a refinery fuel system that is incinerated in refinery furnaces and fuel boilers.

The gas recirculation unit of the torch consists of:

Two (2) liquid ring compressors (320-K-001; 320-K-002; 320-K-003 (future) with clutches, vibration and temperature transmitters, special equipment and tools required for successful assembly. Connecting the third compressor in the future.
Two (2) electric motors – mounted on the skid and connected to the compressors.
One (1) gas / liquid separator for full capacity including the third compressor in the future – mounted on the 320-V-003 skid.
Two (2) heat exchanger (sheaths / tubes) for working fluid coolant using the cooling water (320-001; 320-E-002; 320-E-003 (in the future).
New vertical locking vessel “Big” torch 320-V-002.
Modification of inner parts (inside) of “Small” torches 320-V-051.
The gases from the flue system from the various process plants are collected into the main pipeline (collector), passing through the separator to separate the droplets from the gas stream, and after separating the liquid phase (droplets) into the main collecting pipeline towards the Liquid Seal Drum. “Torches /” small “torches.

As part of this project, MONTER – STROJARSKE MONTAŽE d.d. assembled all components of the FGRS skid assembly and procurement of materials, prefabrication of pipeline lines in the workshop and final assembly in the installation of all connecting pipelines that connect the elements of the FGRS units to existing refinery installations, including the entire steel construction needed to support and run new pipelines .