Production of containers “DRUM SULFUR D-202”



MONTER-STROJARSKE MONTAŽE d.d. For STSI d.o.o. Performed welding work on the production of a pressure vessel SULPHUR DRUM D-202. The container was delivered by STSI d.o.o. And complete production took place at the workshop of MONTER-STROJARSKE MONTAŽE d.d. From material reception, input control, cutting positions, sheet bending and welding with strict compliance with the prescribed technology. Complete production of the vessel is monitored by Quality Management Sector (QA / QC) responsible for welding technology, quality control and final documentation.

The SULPHUR DRUM D-202 is an integral part of the CLAUS II plant in the oil refinery JSC “NAFTAN” NOVOPOLOTSK, Republic of Belarus. The vessel serves for intermediate sulfur heating and maintenance of sulfur in the liquid phase at temperatures of 159-162 ° C and is designed according to ASME CODE Section VIII Division 1.

The diameter of the vessel is 2424 mm, the length of the vessel 12652 mm and the thickness of the mantle 12 mm, the test pressure is 7.5 bar. The basic material of the vessel is SA 516 Gr. 60. During the production, the welding methods used are: GTAW, SMAW and their combinations GTAW + SMAW. GMAW (STT) + FCAW + SAW was used for welding the mantle and flooring.

The specificity of this vessel is 64 built-in with and without reinforcement, with 548 welded joints in total. The NDT tests carried out are: VT, MT, RT, UT and finally dimensional control. During the preparation, extended plate testing was required and the toughness test temperature was -40 ° C, requiring strict compliance with the prescribed technology and welding parameter control.