– Piping prefabrication
– Various technological skids


With more than 3500 sqm, our workshop in Zagreb can accommodate medium to large scale fabrications, weldments and assemblies.

Workshop is divided in two sections:
1. Carbon Steel Manufacturing Area: 3300 m2
Overhead Cranes: Three crane hooks, maximum weight capability 10t each with the possibility of combined weight lifting up to 30 tons of weight
2. Stainless Steel Manufacturing Area: 216 m2
Overhead Crane: One crane, maximum weight capability 3,2t

Welding Equipment:
• MIG Machines
• TIG Machines
• Submerged-arc welding equipment for vessels consisting of column & boom with submerged-arc welding equipment, including automatic flux supply and rotator, designed according to customer specifications

Limitations of dimensions for workshop production:
4 m in diameter for cylindrical vessels
30 m in length

• Lathe
• Milling
• Planer
• Pipe Roller
• Plate Roll heavy
• Plate Roll medium
• Bandsawing
• Drill Press
• Radial Drill Press
• CNC gas/plasma cutter
• Plate Shear Large
• Plate Shear Small
• Press Brake
• Height adjustable tilting positioner
• Rotator self aligning type
• Circumferential cutting column