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    Our experts has enviable knowledge and experience in erection of industrial plants in oil and gas business as well as in food, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry.

    Over the years, company has built numbers of

    • Oil and Gas Facilities
    • Crude Oil Pumping Stations
    • Refinery Sections/Units
    • Compressor Stations
    • Reducing and Metering Stations
    • Skid Mounted or Container Execution Process Units for Different Application
    • Revitalization of the Facility of Vacuum Destilery in Oil Rafinery Rijeka
    • SRU – Oil Refinery Sisak
    • Building of Oily Waste Treatment Plant in Refinery Rijeka
    • Annual overhaul in Nuclear Power Plant Krško, Slovenija
    • Annual overhaul of Platforming II Plant in Oil Refinery Rijeka
    • Visbraking Plant Construction – Oil Refinery Rijeka
    • Water Demineralisation Plant Construction, Oil Refinery Rijeka 2011.
    • Modification of PE Production Facility in DINA Petrochemical Plant in Omišalj
    • Erection of Ethylene Production Facility in DINA Petrochemical Plant in Omišalj
    • Small Synthesis Plant Construction for TEVA Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Tanks/Reservoires
    • Others